Jul. 7th, 2015

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The hour is foolish; it is past the working day but before comfortable settling in of evening. In or out, either way, I am exhausted.

I am 40 41 years old. When I was 31 I had the apocalyptic realization that many things about my life were wrong. I was following a model of living that denied who I was--the hero's journey. I am a heroine, not a hero. When I got off the hero's path, I was wandering in the wilderness. There were monsters....

For about a year, I floundered around, and fixed myself up a bit.

Then I had an opportunity to turn my love life from a constantly ill-fitting mess to something amazing. I grabbed at it, and held on. Especially when letting go would have been easier. We hung in there for four years, then we blossomed into a most wonderful garden of love and support.

Meanwhile, my career was gnawing at my bones, eating my health, creativity, and vitality from the inside out. I fought and pounded against it for three long years. Then the perfect graduate program came along at the perfect time. Two more years rushed by, crammed with job-work and school-work. But now I've graduated to a new career that brings me satisfaction and joy.

After nine years of constant yanking and pushing at my life to get it where I want to be, I am exhausted. This is my last puzzle piece: to end being overweight, having no energy, suffering mild depression, fighting IBS, and having food cravings. 

The plan: Julia Ross' The Diet Cure. AFTER 9 MONTHS THIS PLAN LEFT ME SICKER.
The plan: Working with an integrative medicine doctor.

I just bought the book today. I will read it and formulate a plan and follow it. And I will report on the results of these endeavors here.
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A very timely new book coming in September: Ingredients by Dwight Eschliman. It's a visual guide to food additives. See a sample and read more about it here.

I am intrigued and excited about this book. I've been working on my IBS, and I've found that making the effort to eat whole foods with no additives combined with yarrow flower essences has done more for my IBS than anything else, ever, in the last 20 years.

I'm on my third month of taking the yarrow flower essences. I've had my first 12 consecutive days free of diarrhea for the first time in 24 years. It's pretty delightful.

And as a wonderful secondary benefit, my period has gotten shorter and gives me less trouble with moods and cramps. It's also more on-time.

In any case, the book sounds very useful, as there are SO MANY food additives, and it is hard for us Regular People to tell the difference between a chemical-sounding ingredient that could be harmful and one that is simply the scientific name for vitamin C.


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