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 Here we go again! Got results from the genetic testing. Research on results below.

Some notes:
  • Started taking acyclovir (antiviral), iodine, and Adren-All during the week of July 3. 
  • Adren-All made a huge difference in energy levels
  • IBS came back after starting acyclovir.
  • With nutritionist, committed to 9 months of healing diet
    • First step to transition to gluten-free & dairy-free eating over the next couple months.
Genetic testing results:
My doctor estimates that while people with normal metabolisms convert 1 glucose molecule into 38 ATP (energy) molecules, with all the conversion and utilization problems going on above I currently convert 1 glucose molecule into 2 ATP. This is contributing strongly to my fatigue and weight issues.

The good news: 
  • My immune system is normal
  • My detoxification system is normal
  • I am not allergic to nuts, gluten, mold, pollen, or really anything that humans are allergic to.
  • I metabolize caffeine slowly and am not prone to over-consuming it.
  • My system can clear pesticides from my body efficiently.
  • I seem to be utilizing folate (vitamin B9) well.
  • I am slow to break down serotonin, so my natural calm lasts longer than most people's and depression is very unlikely.
  • All other neurotransmitters are normal (though the low BH4 can impair production)
  • Good vitamin D utilization
Also, I am off the acyclovir for now, since it seemed to be aggravating my IBS. We are trying a natural supplement, GI MicrobiX, instead.
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