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Jul. 9th, 2015 11:56 am
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It seems that what Julia Ross really wants me to do is:
  • to start taking a bunch of supplements
  • and take amino acids for the brain fixing
  • and change my diet. 
Well, no. Not all at once. I'm going to start with the amino acids. Baby steps. My IBS, which has been quiet since June 21st, made a sudden half-reappearance today, so I really cannot take on too much at once here.

Some facts and figures about how I am today, to track progress:

Weight: 267.2
Energy: extremely low
Stress: high / anxious
Cravings: low
Sleep: 2 hours to get to sleep / exhausted on waking / ~8 hours asleep
Mood: scared / resistant; a little blue


There are five amino acids Ross recommends to correct brain chemical imbalance. There is a handy checklist to help you pick the ones you think you need. My problem is I am having a lot of trouble picking from how I feel RIGHT NOW and how I HAVE FELT in the last week/month/year. I think to keep this simple, I will pick how I feel RIGHT NOW. Based on that, the checklist says I should be taking:
  • L-tyrosine
  • GABA
The rest, a la Rosencrantz & Guildenstern, feel plausible but not instinctive. I will hold off on taking them and see where the first two get me.

The Important Details:

L-tyrosine: 500 - 1500 mg up to 3x/day. Take before breakfast, midmorning, and mid afternoon. Watch for feeling wired or jittery, and for interfering with sleep.

GABA: 100 - 500 mg per day. Take "whenever I need extra help relaxing." 

Yarrow Environmental Solution: Still going to take this 4x per day. Contains: pink yarrow, white yarrow, yellow yarrow, arnica, echinacea.

I will attempt to procure these things at the Sprouts Market near our house. I think I'll try the GABA tonight, and start with the L-tyrosine tomorrow.


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