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 Here we go again! Got results from the genetic testing. Research on results below.

Some notes:
  • Started taking acyclovir (antiviral), iodine, and Adren-All during the week of July 3. 
  • Adren-All made a huge difference in energy levels
  • IBS came back after starting acyclovir.
  • With nutritionist, committed to 9 months of healing diet
    • First step to transition to gluten-free & dairy-free eating over the next couple months.
Genetic testing results:
My doctor estimates that while people with normal metabolisms convert 1 glucose molecule into 38 ATP (energy) molecules, with all the conversion and utilization problems going on above I currently convert 1 glucose molecule into 2 ATP. This is contributing strongly to my fatigue and weight issues.

The good news: 
  • My immune system is normal
  • My detoxification system is normal
  • I am not allergic to nuts, gluten, mold, pollen, or really anything that humans are allergic to.
  • I metabolize caffeine slowly and am not prone to over-consuming it.
  • My system can clear pesticides from my body efficiently.
  • I seem to be utilizing folate (vitamin B9) well.
  • I am slow to break down serotonin, so my natural calm lasts longer than most people's and depression is very unlikely.
  • All other neurotransmitters are normal (though the low BH4 can impair production)
  • Good vitamin D utilization
Also, I am off the acyclovir for now, since it seemed to be aggravating my IBS. We are trying a natural supplement, GI MicrobiX, instead.
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Saw integrative medicine doctor today. There is lots to fix. We went over so much my brain hurts. Here are the big take-aways I remember.
  • Epstein-Barr is active and is the cause of many other problems.
  • My male hormones are a bit too high
  • Candida (yeast) overgrowth (thanks to Epstein-Barr paving the way for lots of bugs to attack).
  • We're not ruling out Lyme disease, but the Epstein-Barr is clear and needs to be addressed first.
    • Plan to test again for Lyme later using I-spot test? A neurological test? Costs much less than IgeneX.
    • Need to bring back IgeneX kit.
  • Genetic testing was done, and results for that will be in about 8 weeks.
    • There's an online questionnaire I need to fill out, but I don't know how. Need to follow-up about that.
  • Yup, cortisol is waaaay too low.
  • Yup, inflammation is waaaaay too high.
  • Overall, doctor very very convinced that the large percentage of my issues stem from biotoxins (not man-made toxins). Which boils down to bacteria & viruses. Just need to continue isolating which ones and working to curb them back down to a level where my immune system can keep them in check.
  • Lost 1 inch around my waist. It's the EnteraGam helping my digestion.
  • Also he's worried about some sort of nerve thing going on. Apparently my left eye blinks funny.
Stuff we need to fix & how:
  • Candida overgrowth (first)
    • Antibiotics (Diflucan). 1 pill every other day for first 4 pills. Then take 1 pill twice per week.
    • Probiotic: Kirkman Saccromyces Boulardi (a good yeast that competes with Candida). 1 daily with largest meal.
    • Candida diet (ugh). Recommended a dietician to help with that.
  • Epstein-Barr (EBV) (second)
    • Anti-viral (Acyclovir). Twice daily (not until after done with Diflucan).
Stuff to take to support body while fixing other things:
  • Continuing with EnteraGam: 1 packet per day with largest meal
  • Try D3 again: Rub it onto skin daily, 4-6 drops
  • Biotic Research Liquid Iodine: 2 drops daily
  • Ortho-Molecular Adren-ALL (adrenal support with cortisol): slowly build up to 2 daily. Once early in the morning, once in early afternoon. Do not take with thyroid meds.

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I had a follow-up appointment today to check on my ear. It is doing well, the integrative medicine doctor and I are both pleased.


  • Outer ear infection doing very well.
Mitochondrial Function
Talked a bit more about this.
  • Quite convinced some sort of toxin is at the root of my troubles.
  • Mentioned that my body is taking protein and turning it into sugar, since that's the only thing it "knows" how to do right now
  • Getting it into a ketosis state with just diet alone would be nearly impossible
  • Excited for me to get started with the tests to start treating things
  • Mentioned that mitochondrial dysfunction is especially bad when hormones are out of balance
Talked a bit more about this
  • Fairly sure the IBS is also related to a toxin problem which resolving will also solve IBS
  • EnteraGam
    • I mentioned the expense--he and his staff are willing to work what angles they can to help make it more affordable. He was very surprised at the price I was quoted by my insurance.
    • Reassured me that this drug is an intermediate solution while we work on the real problem, and does not see me taking it for even a year.
  • Ciprodex
    • Keep taking until ear pain and "muffled" feeling is resolved.
    • Wants me to use it in both ears, since it's done a good job of clearing up the wax in my infected ear.
      • Since it's so expensive and my left ear isn't "sick" I think I'll only use it once a day in my good ear.
    • If ear worsens, see and ENT.

  • Use Debrox (after infection has cleared up) as often as once a week to clear wax since mine is apparently "very wet." Irrigate well after use.
  • After Debrox use, use OTC Swim Ear to make sure all the Debrox is really out.
  • Try to make sure to drink 4 16 oz glasses of (clean) water to help body fight infection.
  • Once ear pain is resolved, pinch nose shut and try to exhale to relieve muffled feeling.
  • Look for online coupons or payment plans online for Ciprodex.
  • If can't find anything, before refill e-mail to ask doctor if alternative medication would be acceptable.
  • Also call local pharmacies and ask for their no-insurance prices on drugs. They might be cheaper than through insurance.
Today's Costs:
15-minute doctor visit: $90
Amazon order:
  • Swim-Ear (3 pack): $14.98
  • Ear Protectors: $4.50
  • NuMedica Micellized Vitamin D3 1200 IU drops: $27.50
  • Amazon coupon: -$5.00



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