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For my info:
  • I have one nutritional counseling appointment per year
  • It's 100% covered, no copay
    • It's considered "preventative"
  • Any more appointments are all on me and do not go toward my deductible
  • I have to get a referral from my PCP doctor
  • It doesn't look like the dietician my integrative doctor recommended takes my crappy plan. If she does, will have to ask PCP doctor to submit a referral.
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A very timely new book coming in September: Ingredients by Dwight Eschliman. It's a visual guide to food additives. See a sample and read more about it here.

I am intrigued and excited about this book. I've been working on my IBS, and I've found that making the effort to eat whole foods with no additives combined with yarrow flower essences has done more for my IBS than anything else, ever, in the last 20 years.

I'm on my third month of taking the yarrow flower essences. I've had my first 12 consecutive days free of diarrhea for the first time in 24 years. It's pretty delightful.

And as a wonderful secondary benefit, my period has gotten shorter and gives me less trouble with moods and cramps. It's also more on-time.

In any case, the book sounds very useful, as there are SO MANY food additives, and it is hard for us Regular People to tell the difference between a chemical-sounding ingredient that could be harmful and one that is simply the scientific name for vitamin C.


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