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 Starting to figure out payment & such.
  • Acyclovir is SUPER cheap. Yay!
  • Diflucan: $400.13 for a 30 day supply
    • Generic (fluconazole): 23.81 for a 30 day supply
 Some clarifications:

2.Take the Diflucan for 4 weeks.  I gave you refills which you may not need to take but good to have.
You can take a second go around if you feel like it's not gone or coming back.
3.You can start the probiotics now and continue until we meet next time.
4.Start the yeast diet and if you do very well you can decide whether or not to make it be a lifestyle change.  Often the yeast problem will return if you resume a diet that encourages yeast overgrowth.

Note from probiotics bottle: Do not take the S. boulardii supplementation at the same time as any prescription antifungals, such as Nystatin, Diflucan, Sporonox, etc.  Antifungals kill S. boulardii; therefore, physicians usually recommend that they be taken at a different time of the day (separated by 2 to 3 hours).
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I had a follow-up appointment today to check on my ear. It is doing well, the integrative medicine doctor and I are both pleased.


  • Outer ear infection doing very well.
Mitochondrial Function
Talked a bit more about this.
  • Quite convinced some sort of toxin is at the root of my troubles.
  • Mentioned that my body is taking protein and turning it into sugar, since that's the only thing it "knows" how to do right now
  • Getting it into a ketosis state with just diet alone would be nearly impossible
  • Excited for me to get started with the tests to start treating things
  • Mentioned that mitochondrial dysfunction is especially bad when hormones are out of balance
Talked a bit more about this
  • Fairly sure the IBS is also related to a toxin problem which resolving will also solve IBS
  • EnteraGam
    • I mentioned the expense--he and his staff are willing to work what angles they can to help make it more affordable. He was very surprised at the price I was quoted by my insurance.
    • Reassured me that this drug is an intermediate solution while we work on the real problem, and does not see me taking it for even a year.
  • Ciprodex
    • Keep taking until ear pain and "muffled" feeling is resolved.
    • Wants me to use it in both ears, since it's done a good job of clearing up the wax in my infected ear.
      • Since it's so expensive and my left ear isn't "sick" I think I'll only use it once a day in my good ear.
    • If ear worsens, see and ENT.

  • Use Debrox (after infection has cleared up) as often as once a week to clear wax since mine is apparently "very wet." Irrigate well after use.
  • After Debrox use, use OTC Swim Ear to make sure all the Debrox is really out.
  • Try to make sure to drink 4 16 oz glasses of (clean) water to help body fight infection.
  • Once ear pain is resolved, pinch nose shut and try to exhale to relieve muffled feeling.
  • Look for online coupons or payment plans online for Ciprodex.
  • If can't find anything, before refill e-mail to ask doctor if alternative medication would be acceptable.
  • Also call local pharmacies and ask for their no-insurance prices on drugs. They might be cheaper than through insurance.
Today's Costs:
15-minute doctor visit: $90
Amazon order:
  • Swim-Ear (3 pack): $14.98
  • Ear Protectors: $4.50
  • NuMedica Micellized Vitamin D3 1200 IU drops: $27.50
  • Amazon coupon: -$5.00

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I'm trying to determine what (if anything) my insurance can help me with.

Tests. This seems to be very unclear. I did manage to confirm that my PCP doctor has to order the tests for them to have a chance of being covered. Beyond that, I hope my PCP doctor can tell me more.

If I am paying the full cost, the costs look like:
  • Blood tests: 
    • Without insurance done @Clinical Pathology Lab: $1871.75
    • PCP doctor ordered tests for me!
    • PROBLEM SOLVED. Even if the test isn't covered, I will still only have to pay the negotiated rate for the blood work. I guess if it's not covered, it won't go toward my deductible, but I still get the cheap rate.
  • Lyme panel & Co-infection panel: $1194
    • "IGeneX has not contracted with any insurance companies. Therefore, we DO NOT bill patients’ health insurance for any testing performed through IGeneX."
    • Going to put this test off for now. Eventually will need to see if insurance covers it. If not, need to see if IGeneX has a billing plan or coupon.
  • Organic Acids urinalysis / OAT: $381
    • Talked to Brea in Billing. They are an out-of-network provider for my insurance. I send in the $381, and if my PCP orders the test for me, they can bill my insurance $1000+ for the cost of the test, and see if insurance will pay it. But I never have to pay more than $381. Basically, there's no break or discount here.

Prescriptions / Supplements. The prescriptions are the same cost to me whether or not they are written by my PCP doctor or my integrative medicine doctor. My insurance gives me a negotiated rate, but I must pay all of that rate. All prescription payments count toward my yearly deductible.

  • Through insurance: $171.17 $40 with coupon for a 10 day supply
  • I have 2 refills. I don't know yet if I will need to use them.
  • There is no generic, but there is an alternate drug. I don't know if it's safe to start a different drug after using the first. They could have interactions.
    • Neomycin-polymyxin-HC (generic of Cortisporin): $69.88 for a 30 day supply
  • PROBLEM SOLVED. GoodRx found me a manufacturer's coupon. $135 off all refills. My Ciprodex coupon info.
    • The full amount will get applied to my deductible!
  • Through insurance: $446 for a month supply
  • PROBLEM SOLVED. Through Foundation Care pharmacy (in partnership with EnteraHealth): $49/month
  • Will need to be taken 6-8 weeks just to see any effects. Prescription is for one month supply with 11 refills.
NuMedica Micellized Vitamin D3 1200 IU drops
  • On Amazon: $27.50 for a 1 oz bottle (90 day supply).
  • On special discount website my integrative medicine doctor provides for his clients: $27.50 + shipping
    • I can get free shipping & a 5% discount if I have it auto-shipped to me every 90 days: $26.13
  • On Professional Supplement Center: $23.50 + shipping
    • Some kind of "rewards" for auto-shipment

I've never spent this much on health care. I'm really starting to worry if I can afford to be healthy.


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