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In the months since my last entry, my health has declined. I did feel better after starting the thyroid medication, but that didn't last. Now I am 12 pounds heaver than I was at my last check-in. My insomnia is worse; my fatigue is back; I've injured my Achilles tendon so I can't walk very far or very long; I get overstressed very easily, including an adrenaline rush every other day; my IBS is worse; I had a bout of severe nerve pain around my abdomen; it's hard to concentrate and I get mildly depressed.

I feel like I am getting sicker every day.

On April 7, my PCP doctor ordered the following blood tests. Here are the results:
  • Vitamin D: 34.4 ng/ml
    • Standard range: 25.0 - 80.0 ng/ml
  • Vitamin B12: 491 pg/mL
    • Standard range: 193 - 986 pg/mL
  • Insulin Level Serum: 52 uiu/ml
    • Standard range: 4 - 13 UIU/ML
  • Free T3: 2.75 pg/ml
    • Standard range: 2.20 - 4.00 pg/ml
  • Free T4: 0.98 ng/dl 
    • Standard range: 0.56 - 1.66 ng/dl
  • TSH: 2.11 uiu/ml
    • Standard range: 0.35 - 4.00 uIU/mL
My PCP doctor had the following to say in response to my test results and to meeting with me to discuss the symptoms I have been experiencing.
  • Eat every 2 hours to keep blood sugar levels up.
  • Take vitamin D supplements.
  • My thyroid is normal.
  • I am insulin resistant. I should follow a low-sugar diet, exercise, and consider taking metformin (a diabetes drug).
I don't agree that my thyroid is normal. According to this web page my numbers are still off.
I also am frustrated by the 'insulin resistant' diagnosis. I am following a low-sugar diet. If I have adrenal fatigue, which my symptoms seem to point toward, anything that is above very light exercise will do more harm than good. Metformin's most common side effects are diarrhea and bloating, which would make my IBS intolerable. My insulin number is high, but it is a fasting test and I was told not to bother fasting? Also adrenal fatigue will push that number up, insomnia will push that number up, and overstress like I told my doctor I was suffering from will push that number up. I'm not sure what she was even looking for with that test.
I am already taking 2500-3500 IU of Vitamin D a day, as per instruction. It doesn't seem to be working.

In short, Julia Ross's The Diet Cure plan isn't working for me. My PCP doctor stated that she cannot help me with adrenal fatigue. I have made an appointment with an Integrative Medicine doctor (an MD certified doctor who takes a holistic approach) for next week.

Meanwhile, today I mailed off a saliva adrenal fatigue test that I received from my chiropractor. The cost was $120 and not covered by insurance. The results will take 8-10 business days to receive (including shipping time).


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