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The hour is foolish; it is past the working day but before comfortable settling in of evening. In or out, either way, I am exhausted.

I am 40 41 years old. When I was 31 I had the apocalyptic realization that many things about my life were wrong. I was following a model of living that denied who I was--the hero's journey. I am a heroine, not a hero. When I got off the hero's path, I was wandering in the wilderness. There were monsters....

For about a year, I floundered around, and fixed myself up a bit.

Then I had an opportunity to turn my love life from a constantly ill-fitting mess to something amazing. I grabbed at it, and held on. Especially when letting go would have been easier. We hung in there for four years, then we blossomed into a most wonderful garden of love and support.

Meanwhile, my career was gnawing at my bones, eating my health, creativity, and vitality from the inside out. I fought and pounded against it for three long years. Then the perfect graduate program came along at the perfect time. Two more years rushed by, crammed with job-work and school-work. But now I've graduated to a new career that brings me satisfaction and joy.

After nine years of constant yanking and pushing at my life to get it where I want to be, I am exhausted. This is my last puzzle piece: to end being overweight, having no energy, suffering mild depression, fighting IBS, and having food cravings. 

The plan: Julia Ross' The Diet Cure. AFTER 9 MONTHS THIS PLAN LEFT ME SICKER.
The plan: Working with an integrative medicine doctor.

I just bought the book today. I will read it and formulate a plan and follow it. And I will report on the results of these endeavors here.
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 My tests didn't work; not taking the enteragam and sleeping so soundly was a coincidence. I'm still falling asleep ~2 am, but for the past couple days I've been sleeping until 10:30 am, and I feel much better because of that. Maybe it was my body adjusting to the new higher dosage of thyroid medication? Maybe it was a turn in the weather? Ah well.


Aug. 9th, 2016 12:28 pm
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 I took the EnterGam with lunch yesterday. I was able to get to sleep earlier--I fell asleep somewhere between 12:30 am - 1 am. I woke up at 8:30 am, exhausted but unable to sleep. Also very hungry. I ate breakfast, tried to go back to sleep for an hour.

It's 12:30 pm now and I tried to draw, but I'm too shaky. I have an overall "don't feel very good" feeling. I feel a little weak and a little sick. WTH is going on?


Aug. 8th, 2016 11:19 am
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I had onset insomnia before starting any medication. It's gotten worse since. Finally figured out last night that there's a high probability that the insomnia is due to the Entergam. I forgot to take it Friday & Saturday, and both nights I was in bed and asleep before midnight, and I slept for 9 hours Friday night and 12 hours Saturday night. It felt pretty great.

I took my Enteragam Sunday night. I went to bed before midnight and couldn't fall asleep. I got up after an hour and was up until 2:30 am, like I had been for most nights. I woke up at 10 am. I've noticed lately that I can't seem to sleep more than 7 hours a night, which I found frustrating because I've always been a solid 8-9 hour sleeper.

Another side effect to try to manage. I guess today I'll try to take my EnteraGam with lunch and move taking the probiotics with dinner. We'll see how sleeping goes tonight.
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 today was my first day on the 30 mg dose of Armour, up from 15 mg. I have had an off and on headache all day, and that could be related. I don't think I had any other major reaction. 

I also took probiotics with lunch.  My ibs is already better. Very pleased. 

Found it

Jul. 30th, 2016 12:43 am
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 my bouts of ibs seem to be caused by the second dose of the adren-all, not necessarily the acyclovir. I took the adren-all today before lunch and started having intestinal cramps. 

I'm going to skip the second dose for a bit to confirm my theory. 
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 With so many supplements, there's lots of moving pieces. My period's gotten heavier since we started functional medicine treatment, so I'm going to track that.


6/25: Very heavy. Lots of tissue. No cramps. Ended early, basically done on day 3.
7/25: Very heavy. Lots of tissue. Mild cramps on day 1, felt different than usual, felt not related to IBS cramps. Ended early again.

BH4 Assist

Jul. 26th, 2016 12:22 pm
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Started taking it today with breakfast.

I feel kinda weird and woozy and maybe nauseous right after taking it. we'll see how this goes.

3 mins later the nausea cleared up but I have a tiny headache. I think that's clearing up too? Still feeling a little woozy.

And 2 mins after that, IBS attack.

It is the second day of my period, and I ate breakfast practically at noon, because I slept late. And I took 3 of the mitochondria assist pills for the first time along with the BH4 Assist. So there were a lot of factors for the IBS. I haven't had problems with the mitochondria assist so far, though...?

I'm going to stop taking the BH4 Assist for now, and back down to two Mitochondria Assist until my period is over.

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I stopped taking Acyclovir to hopefully get my IBS back on track. Let's see if it really was the culprit.

Stopped Acyclovir: 7/20

IBS attacks: (1 for strong/painful/long lasting; 2 for a typical attack; 3 for mild cramping)

7/21: 2
7/23: 1
7/24: 3
7/26: 2.5
8/3: 2 (coconut flour bread)
8/11: 1 (possibly related to having a vodka sauce with cream from an unknown source--most contain carrageenan)
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 Started with Mitochondria Support w/breakfast on 7/22. Doesn't seem to be any adverse reactions so far.
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 Here we go again! Got results from the genetic testing. Research on results below.

Some notes:
  • Started taking acyclovir (antiviral), iodine, and Adren-All during the week of July 3. 
  • Adren-All made a huge difference in energy levels
  • IBS came back after starting acyclovir.
  • With nutritionist, committed to 9 months of healing diet
    • First step to transition to gluten-free & dairy-free eating over the next couple months.
Genetic testing results:
My doctor estimates that while people with normal metabolisms convert 1 glucose molecule into 38 ATP (energy) molecules, with all the conversion and utilization problems going on above I currently convert 1 glucose molecule into 2 ATP. This is contributing strongly to my fatigue and weight issues.

The good news: 
  • My immune system is normal
  • My detoxification system is normal
  • I am not allergic to nuts, gluten, mold, pollen, or really anything that humans are allergic to.
  • I metabolize caffeine slowly and am not prone to over-consuming it.
  • My system can clear pesticides from my body efficiently.
  • I seem to be utilizing folate (vitamin B9) well.
  • I am slow to break down serotonin, so my natural calm lasts longer than most people's and depression is very unlikely.
  • All other neurotransmitters are normal (though the low BH4 can impair production)
  • Good vitamin D utilization
Also, I am off the acyclovir for now, since it seemed to be aggravating my IBS. We are trying a natural supplement, GI MicrobiX, instead.
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 July 3rd. The reactions dwindled down slowly; the last two doses made me tired but not sick.
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Period very unusually heavy, but barely any cramps. 

Evening Diflucan dose.
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Noticed: Ear canals no longer itch.
Noticed: Less tired, more alert. Up until 2 am, not tired until then.

Period started.
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 Joint aches, subsiding.
Swollen feet/ankles.

Noticed: Skin tags on neck seem to be disappearing
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 Joint aches back, not as severe
Swollen ears still
Swollen feet/ankles still
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Can't tell if ears are swelling & unswelling, or if there is fluid in them that comes and goes. Can barely hear.
Swollen feet & ankles

Evening dose of Diflucan.
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 swollen? ears.
heavy fatigue
sore back
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 flu-like symptoms back: headache, chills, muscle aches.
swollen feet & ankles
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 feeling ok

Evening dose of diflucan.
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 joint aches subsiding
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